New songstress Mari Koga has chosen Afro-Latin jazz as the vehicle from which to launch a promising musical career and engaging "Perfect Blue", offering challenging new arrangements, dynamic compositions and a solid vocal performance, may will be the strong foundation from which to begin.      


- Edward Blanco, All About Jazz - USA  April  2015

Mari Koga logra su cometido por medio de album con diferentes aristas: energico e intimo en toda su concepcion, con la suficiente energia para mandarnos a bailar o a reflexionar sobre lo bello que es la musica.


- DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club - Columbia  April  2015

Her vocals are dynamic, soaring and so powerful you would think she was born in Havana... PERFECT BLUE is an excellent that belongs on any Japanese jazz lover's and any Latin music lover's shelf. But of course, it's unlikely to stay on the shelf for long, it's more likely stay in the player!


- Michael Pronco, Jazz In Japan - Japan  May  2015

NY ラテンジャズを活性化する歌姫の現在形。刮目したいのがサルサにとけ込んだ彼女のパフォーマンスの素晴らしさ。特に日本語の詞のリズムをメロディーに融合させるセンスと技量は、サルサを生んだNYラテン界育ちならではとおもわせる。


 - 富沢えいち、JAZZ LIFE - JAPAN  June 2015

Em suma, se você gosta de Jazz com uma pegada Afro-Cubana, pode investir neste CD que terá retorno garantido! E descubra porque Mari Koga tem conquistado o público americano em suas apresentações.


- Bernardo Vieira, Salsa Brasil - Brasil  July 2015

"The new star of Japan in New York. Mari Koga is here to stay, her voice is melodious, with Latin jazz swing, nice personality and great stage presence.


. Luis Raul Montell,  Jazz Caribe - Venezuela   August  2015


Catalogo este gran desempeño musical de la hermosa voz japonesa MARI KOGA con 5 ***** por el gran trabajo en equipo y su gran extracto musical. 


- Cuman Cano Cruz, Cano's Salsa - U.S.A. 2015